Pre-schoolers in classroom

Preschool Programs

3 Year Old's Class

Provides a structured first learning experience with emphasis on foundational social, language and play skills.

Two Day:

Mon/Wed AM: 9:00-11:45am

Tue/Thu AM: 9:00-11:45am

Tue/Thu PM: 12:20-3:05pm

Yearly 2-day tuition: $1,440 (9 monthly installments of $160)

Optional Third Day:

Fri AM 9:00-11:45am

Yearly 3-day tuition: $2,106 (9 monthly installments of $234)

Pre-K/4 Year Old's Class

Provides a well-rounded and expanding play-based program developing skills for Kindergarten.

Three Day:

Mon/Wed/Thu AM 9-11:45am

Mon/Wed/Fri PM 12:20-3:05pm

Yearly 3-day AM/PM tuition: $2,106 (9 monthly installments of $234)

Four Day:

Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri AM 9:00-11:45am

Yearly 4-day AM tuition: $2,691 (9 monthly installments of $299)

Three Day Extended:

Tue/Thu/Fri extended day 9:00-2:00pm

Yearly 3-day extended day tuition: $3,591 (9 monthly installments of $399)

Begindergarten Class

Provides a year of educational experiences uniquely prepared with the Young 5 in mind.

Five Day with Two Extended Days:

Mon/Wed: 8:50-1:50pm and Tue/Thu/Fri: 8:50-11:35am

Yearly 5-day with 2 extended tuition: $4,221 (9 monthly installments of $469)

Five Day:

Mon-Fri (PM only): 12:20-3:05pm

Yearly 5-day PM tuition: $3,231 (9 monthly installments of $359)

Parent-Tot Class

Enjoy some one-on-one time with your toddler. This class is filled with wonderful and engaging activities, including song, music, crafts and snacks.

Nine week session September - December, 2019 and January – April 2020:

Ages 24-36 months. Offered 1-day per week for 90 minutes, 9 - 10:30am

$135 due upon registration

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