Your First Visit

What to Expect on your First Visit… 

Expect….a warm welcome, good company and, certainly, good humor. 

We welcome everyone to join with us as God’s hands in the world.  In fact, our favorite part of each church service is the Sharing of the Peace.  It takes a while because we all wish to share God’s blessing with as many worshipers as we can.   Perhaps our second favorite part of Sunday is the coffee (and goodies) time following each service where we meet new people and catch up with each other. 

We also love to have babies and children attend worship services.  Don’t be concerned if they are wiggly or vocal.  We have special times for them during the services.  We invite them to the altar for a blessing during communion.  We bring them up to the altar for a special Children’s Sermon.  We even let them get loud during the Noisy Offering as they collect change for specified charities.  However, if you would like a break from them, we have a nursery attendant during services.Faith Formation Childrens Time-1

Once you locate our building on Walton Blvd and enter by the east driveway, you will find parking around the back.  Our main entrance doors are under the canopy.  A member will greet you as you enter and show you where things are.   An usher will give you a copy of the weekly announcements and perhaps a bulletin of the service .  If you have questions, anyone can help you.

These weekly announcement sheets are for you to take home with you, but we do begin our gathering time with  verbal announcements of upcoming events.  We invite you to join with us in any activities that interest you.Pews

The order of service will either be available in the bulletin or projected on the screens at the front of the sanctuary.  Hymns are found in the red Evangelical Lutheran Worship book in the pew book rack.  

During the service we sing hymns, listen to scripture being read and to a reflection about the lessons in the sermon.  We pray for others, say one of the creeds and give our regular offering.

Mary Howarth Blessing Toddler-1All are invited to share in Holy Communion after the Eucharistic Prayer.   Those who are not yet communing are encouraged to come forward at the time of communion to receive a blessing.

The service always ends with being sent into the world to share Jesus’ love with others. 

As the service ends Pastor Sharon again welcomes everyone by shaking hands as we exit the sanctuary.  Introduce yourself to her.  She would love to meet you.

Our hope is that our worship will be a blessing to you and we welcome you to come back again.