Bike (or Hike) for Balangdalalu!

By on June 19, 2017

Grab a recycled peanut butter jar bank and a recording sheet in the narthex and help Abiding Presence support Pastor Elli of Balangdalalu in Tanzania in the purchase of a motor bike. The motor bike would help him reach the distant areas of his congregation. Select your goal and start recording your accomplishments over the summer! Bikers, hikers, young, old, and in-between can participate. There are 2 ways to collect donations: Consider asking family or friends to “sponsor” you.  Or, Consider “sponsoring” yourself.

The Bike/Hike-A-Thon runs from NOW thru Sept. 9.  Bring your donations back to AP on God’s Work Our Hands Sunday, Sept. 10 for PRIZES!