Mission Table Group to Expand their Work

By on February 13, 2017

In October of last year a small group of Abiding Presence leaders began meeting to read and discuss the book Mission Table, written by the Director for Evangelical Mission at the church wide level of the ELCA.  This book explores ways congregations can strengthen their relationships within their congregation and sharpen the focus on their ministry in the communities in which they are planted.
Now this task force is ready to expand its work among the members of Abiding Presence with a process of one-on-one conversations.  The goal of these conversations is to allow congregation members to deepen our relationships by having a time to reflect with another person how God is moving in our lives and through our shared ministry.  These conversations will focus on our faith experience, the ministry we each do through Abiding Presence, and our own interests and passions.  These interviews will take place during February and March at a time and place that is convenient.
A second phase of one-on-one conversations will take place with community and business leaders in the Greater Rochester area.  We hope to discover what are the successes and the unanswered needs of our community.  These conversations will strengthen our congregation’s ties to the community.  We also hope to discover where the passions and interests of our congregation (those we currently do and new ones we could take up) intersect with the community around us.
The task force is very excited to begin these interviews in the congregation because each one of us really does want to hear from you, a member of Abiding Presence.  We want to hear your joys and hopes, your passions and interests.  And we are looking forward to talking with community leaders.  Through this process we aim to sharpen the ministries of our congregation so that they align well with what the community needs and the skills and passions we have as members of AP.
I hope that everyone will be open to being interviewed.  We will cast a wide net-we want to talk with long time members and newer members, we want to talk with older people and children and everyone in between.  We want to talk with those who worship frequently and those more occasional worshipers.  We want to talk with those who are active in a congregational ministry and those who’ve been thinking about a new area of ministry.  Be assured that you will not be signed up for any ministry by agreeing to be interviewed.  You also will not be asked to increase your giving.  These interviews’ only purposes are to strengthen our relationships with each other, and sharpen our congregational ministry in our community.  It will be an interesting, informative and fun experience.
Should you have questions about this interview process, please feel free to talk with members of the task force: Jennifer Berwick, Dan Brunet, Janet McBride, Rick McBride, Greg Worth and Pastor Sharon.  Monica Coté will also continue working with the task force when she returns in the spring.  We look forward to talking with you!
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